About Us - The History of RADglow


Where did the RADglow idea come from?

Hi, I’m Andrea, RADglow’s co-founder.  I can tell you all about it.

The inspiration for the RADglow Party Scarf came about at the 2014 Coachella Music Festival while helping out on the project “2 Squared.”  Matt, who you’ll meet below, debuted a gold custom LED jacket.  (It took him a whole year to make!)



RADGlow Wearable LEDs


I didn’t have the time to create such a custom jacket.  Besides, I like things that move, that flow with your body.  So I asked Matt to make up a LED strip I could wrap around myself.  Almost like a belly dancer performing with a snake.

I wanted something fun, quicker to make, and easy to clean (just in case).  More for fun than anything else.  Matt initially thought it was a bit silly...but he made one anyway.

And what a hit it turned out to be!  The LED strip got all the “oohs” and “aahs” normally reserved for celebrities.  Everyone complimented the LED strip’s brightness and flare when worn.  I suddenly became the life of the party, catching the eyes of everyone as the lights followed my every movement.

People would stop me on the street and ask about it.  I’m good at dancing, but who needs dance moves when you literally have a rainbow of lights wrapped around you?

The initial success turned a light on for us.  Literally.  We decided to create wearable LED strips for sale...and RADglow started up.

The First Party Scarf

The original Party Scarf had a 12-volt 5000mah raw lithium battery, held in a separate purse.  While it worked, the battery wasn’t properly secured and could catch fire at any time.  Since then, we’ve transformed the light strips into something much safer, lighter (smaller battery packs), and easy to fit inside our fur scarf.

New in 2016/2017

IN 2016 we improved every aspect of the Party Scarf.  Softer fur, better circuit boards, safer batteries, and more durable LED strips.  Each LED product is created with the utmost precision and care—and with the same creative flare, we enjoyed on that fateful night.

RADglow grew out of our love and passion for LEDs, and to help people light up for a night of fun!  (The added nighttime safety is a nice bonus.)  RADglow aims to serve YOU for all occasions, whether it is a New Year’s Eve party, birthday event, concert, or just a fun gathering with friends.

We bring the lights to your party.  Wherever you go, RADglow!

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Andrea S.

Andrea is the face and muse of RADglow.  Her background is in jewelry making with wire work and beading.  Before the RADglow idea came about, she had no experience in soldering or sewing.  She learned how to do both, in order to make the Party Scarf happen.


RADGlow partyscarf


Matt S.

Matt is the lead developer and brains behind RADglow.  After working as a developer on the Pixel Pusher with Heroic Robotics, he wanted to develop a product everyone could easily wear and enjoy.

RADGlow Wearable LEDs