Extra Batteries

Keep RADglowing all night long and into the next day.  Pick up a spare battery.

Each LED strip uses a 3000-mAh battery.  They’re built using premium LG cells grade A+ battery cells.  Each battery is certified for over 500 recharge cycles.

  • Batteries come with iSmart technology to charge your device faster than standard USB (input: DC 5V / 1A Output: DC 5V / 1A ).
  • Contains multiple safety protections to make sure all powered devices are safe for use.
  • Super lightweight and easy to carry everywhere.


<*>You can even charge your phone off the LED strip battery!  These batteries will charge most smartphones, as well as GPS devices and small tablets, at a higher-than-85% efficiency.

<*> (But you’ll need to use your phone’s cord, so bring it along.)


Gain a little peace of mind.  Grab an extra battery and head to your next event.

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