Party Scarf 2.0 electronics


Upgrade your party with Electronic LED Strips!

These Electronic Strips have upgraded programming, for 10 brilliant pattern options and sharper waves of color.  It’s easy to control the lights; press one of only 2 buttons and watch the magic happen.

The Electronic Strips will fit into your existing Party Scarf.  Or use them on their own, in an art project or even on your bike.

PLEASE NOTE:   This strip is NOT recommended for lots of movement.  If you want to use it in a costume, we recommend sewing it into the fabric.  

  • 48 individual colored LEDs that flow in 10 different patterns
  • 4 brightness levels
  • USB rechargeable power supply that lasts 4-24 hrs (depending on brightness and pattern chosen)
  • Created & assembled lovingly by hand in San Francisco, CA.


Use with caution.  LEDs are small parts, and should not be left with children unattended.  RADglow is not responsible for lost or stolen components.  Please see our Care Instructions for proper cleaning.

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