Square Light Strip

Want to make a statement with your light strip? Try the Square Light Strip.

Each of its 48 squares has 4 LEDs on it. These are filled with epoxy to make them water-resistant*.

All the LEDs in each square must be the same color. However, you can make each square a different color.

Every square stays strong and glows bright—in fact, the squares each have a 120-degree beam width. That’s a lot of power to shine!

  • 48 squares with 4 LEDs per square with a 120 degree beam width
  • Water-resistant*
  • 10 different patterns
  • 4 brightness selections
  • Powered by a 12v battery (included).

*We cannot say this light strip is 100% waterproof.  However, it should hold up fine under normal conditions.


Use with caution.  LEDs are small parts, and should not be left with children unattended.  RADglow is not responsible for lost or stolen components.  Please see our Care Instructions for proper cleaning.

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